Rimbrook hosts workshops and seminars tailored to support parents in raising their children. Rimbrook works alongside parents to best help their children grown in human virtues to build up their character.

She leads: Workshops for mums

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Strong parents, strong Daughters

Strong Parents, Strong Daughters is a series of workshops for mums and their friends covering topics related to parenting and character development. The sessions are held on Saturday afternoons, or weekday evenings.

Workshops for small groups of mums are run all over the Waikato and allow women to develop friendships, share knowledge and learn how they can live their faith as a wife and mother. While each group varies, topics generally cover basics of how one can have a personal relationship with God in the context of marriage, family and professional life.  Each workshop also includes strategies to create a healthy and nurturing home environment and how to build character for themselves and their children.

While parenting is rewarding, it involves commitment, constant effort and continuing education. In a rapidly changing world, there is a real need for parents to enrich their skill set. Social media, for example, has created a whole new set of complexities for both parents and children. Rimbrook aims to give parents the tools to educate their children in a loving and effective way.